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Content Management

Our one-stop approach to content management takes the hassle out of building your website, without locking you in to constrictive theme frameworks. Choose a pre-built template, or we will design your own using HTML/CSS – we give you complete control over the look and feel of your sites.



Easy Site Updates and Editing

Update your site quickly and easily with Qubit's intuitive yet powerful in-context editing tool in addition to the Admin's WYSIWYG editor. Browse your website just like your customer would - and actively edit as you go. Just point, click and edit your content in real-time. You'll save time, preserve consistency and avoid duplication keeping the professional look and feel on every page..


Make it Social

Create and control an unlimited number of blogs, forums, and RSS feeds. Keep your customers up to date with your business, and keep your business up to date with their ideas and comments. Quickly integrate social media features such as Facebook and Twitter sharing using Qubit's built in modules.

Search-Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization is essential for any website, but begins with a system that supports best practices. The Qubit Web Solution comes with the right features out-of-the-box, with 301 redirects, SEO friendly URLS, customizable meta-tags, and integration with Google's webmaster tools.


Control Who Sees What

Make any part of your site a "Secure Zone", assigning customers unique usernames and passwords. Keep private information secure, or sell access to a Secure Zone to customers on a subscription basis.


Automate Tasks and Stay Organized

Use Modules to manage announcements, bookings, photo galleries and FAQs, or try the Web App Wizard to create whatever you like. The only limit is your imagination!

Create unique mobile experiences

Qubit will completely customize the look and feel of your site across a growing range of phone and tablet devices. We are continually updating our database of device types, meaning you can say goodbye to manually adding detection code for the latest devices.


Manage your site on your desktop or tablet

Keep an eye on your business performance from across the globe. Experience our full Admin Console on any tablet device, with HTML5 charts for reports and iPad support for our WYSIWYG editor.

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Built-In Dynamic, Extensible Modules

Qubit's built-in modules provide you with ways to implement and automate advanced functionality and achieve complex business requirements, without the need for plug-ins or server-side coding.

Easily Create Photo and Portfolio Galeries

Upload your images, designate your “gallery” folder and insert the module on a page – instant photo gallery, complete with interactive lightbox effects and intuitive navigation.


Sell Advertising Space with Ad Rotators

Qubit's ad rotators module lets you rotate advertisements in HTML, Flash, or image format, then track impressions and click-throughs to measure ROI.

Promote and manage event bookings

The bookings module makes collecting bookings for a class, performance, or other event simple.


Each event receives a sign-up form for customers to reserve their spot – payment collection included if the event requires it.


You set capacity limits and automate follow-up emails prior to the actual event date.

Get Social with Blogs

Keep your customers up-to-date with an easy to customize blogging module.  Use the built-in comments feature, and quickly integrate social media features such as Facebook and Twitter sharing.


Custom Built Web Apps

Qubit's “Web Apps” framework provides a powerful method to integrate web applications. From real estate listings to business directories, you can define mini-databases of “items” and add new items via an intuitive interface.

Release Timely News Updates

Write announcements and press releases, then specify any date and time to push them live on your site. Place a news module on any page to show snippets of news items with links to full details.


Create Community with Discussion Forums

Empower customers to support each other and provide ideas by adding forums to your site. Moderate posts and pin "sticky" threads to the top of a forum. Users can create a username and upload an avatar.


Add Downloadable Files

Admin interface provides a spot to easily upload any type of file for you to link on your website, without the need for an FTP client.

Sell Anything

The Qubit Web Solution comes with eCommerce capabilities built right into the platform, meaning you can set up a powerful, SEO-friendly online store without the pain of custom coding or tedious configuration.

Sell Physical Products

Qubit provides built-in inventory management and product attributes. Mark product shipping details like size and weight, and integrate with popular shipping providers.


Sell Digital Products

Upload digital products for customers to purchase. Provide optional added security by limiting how many times a customer can download a product or restricting whether they can download from any IP address.


Easy Billing and Shipping Integration

Qubit's web solution automatically integrates with a global range of payment gateways, making online store setup a truly turn-key experience.

Boost Sales with Discounts, Vouchers and Referrals

With powerful sales tools such as discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking, and affiliate programs, you can help your online store boost profits and deliver better bottom-line results.


Automate Recurring Orders

If your payment gateway supports it, Qubit's eCommerce Web Solution allows you to sell products with built-in recurrence, meaning you can easily sell on-going subscription services.

Easy shipping for your online store

The Qubit Web Solution allows integration with several shipping providers in just a few clicks. That means your customers can get real time shipping estimates direct from the shipper! Simply choose your shipping provider and enter your account details.


Custom shipping options

You can also define your own, custom shipping options. This allows you to set your own shipping prices based on size and weight. The correct shipping costs will automatically be shown at checkout. You can even provide free shipping when appropriate.


Supported Shipping Providers

Easy Order Management with Integrated CRM

Every order created is linked to a unique customer record in your built-in CRM database, allowing you to keep a complete history of customer orders or to offer customer loyalty bonuses to repeat purchasers.


Seamlessly Sync Orders with Quickbooks

Many business owners use tools like QuickBooks to manage the accounting side of their business. By using our QuickBooks Web Connector (and QuickBooks version 5 or higher), you can easily sync your Qubit orders with QuickBooks.


Import, Export, and Migrate your Product Data

Import products via a simple spreadsheet format, making existing database migration a breeze. Our powerful export tool also provides an easy format for backing up your product database.


Supported Payment Gateways

We support a wide range of payment gateways. Please note that geographical restrictions are set by the payment solution, not by Qubit. To utilize the system's Recurring Billing feature, the Payment Gateway you are using must support this feature, and for each payment gateway there is some setup required. Additionally, the payment gateway may pass on additional charges to use this service.

Customer Relations Management and Web Forms

Qubit's built-in CRM database comes integrated with web form, eCommerce, membership and content management features, enabling you to better service your customers.

Drag and Drop Web Form Builder

From basic contact forms through to surveys, donations and newsletter signups – The Qubit web solution’s powerful web form builder helps you deploy web forms faster.


Simply select the fields you'd like to capture, then drag and drop to arrange their order.


Centrally Manage Data

Manage customer contact details, past web form submissions, eCommerce orders, secure zone subscriptions, email subscriptions and more all from your centralized Admin Console – simplifying workflows and saving time.


Easily Capture Leads with Real-Time Data

Every customer action is automatically captured in your Customer Relations Management (CRM) database and linked to the customer's unique contact record – meaning you can filter, search, and manage leads with just a few clicks.


Qubit's web solution records online store orders, blog comments, forum posts, contact forms, email newsletter engagement, and more.


Automate Everything

Automate business processes and get back to your customer faster. Build multi-step workflows and get notified of new web form submissions or orders, then verify steps as they are completed, or remind and escalate to management if need be.


Generate and Export Customer Reports

Use our flexible report generator to create detailed customer reports on defined criteria, such as case submitted or the amount they’ve spent in your online store. Easily export data in a variety of formats for analysis offline.


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Targeted Email Newsletters and Social Media Integration

The Qubit Web Solution builds a customer database in the background so you can easily create targeted recipient lists and send personalized email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

Automate Sales Responses with Loyalty Campaigns

You’re probably used to sending once-off campaigns, but with Business Catalyst you can do much more. Automate a series of newsletters to send over a matter of days or months, based on the customer's subscription date, or custom date such as their birthday.


Build Highly Targeted Customer Lists

Tap into Qubit's built-in CRM database to extract targeted marketing lists. Lists can be based on past orders, web form responses, forum membership and more. Create lists manually by individually adding customers, or importing lists from other applications via a simple spreadsheet format.

Get Professional Email Templates

Choose from a range of professional email templates, and simply add content. Our simple wizard then takes you through the process of selecting a list and sending the campaign to your customer base.


More than just Click Throughs

In addition to open rates and click-through rates, Qubit's web solution tracks the actions your customers take after they click through to your site, so you can measure the real effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Social Sharing Made Easy

Integrated social media sharing with just a few clicks – add Facebook “Like” , Facebook “Send”, and Twitter “Tweet” buttons to your pages, blog posts, products and more.


Live Feedback with Facebook Comments

Bring social media features to any site with built-in Facebook comments. Enable product reviews, add comment streams to blog posts, and more.


Keep Visitors Up to Date with Facebook Activity Feeds

Stay fresh and keep visitors in the loop with the latest news by quickly inserting a dynamic activity feed on any page – just point and click.



Allow visitors to login using Facebook

Keep sign in convenient for your registered customers by offering them the ability to login with Facebook credentials to any “Members only” secure zone.


Powerful Reporting and Analytics

The Qubit Web Solution offers a powerful reporting suite for every aspect of your online business – from web page views through to online store orders, we record every interaction customers have with your site and give you the tools to track them – no extra tracking code required.

See the big picture of your site's performance

Every time you login, you’ll be presented with a bird's eye view of how your site’s performing. With key metrics, charts, and a live feed of customer activity, keeping your finger on the pulse of your business has never been easier.



Analyze everything from sales to visits to email marketing

Quickly track your top performing pages, most popular online products, sales and order volumes, newsletter subscription losses or gains and more. Everything you need to monitor, measure, and improve your business.


Generate eCommerce and customer reports

Easily set up custom eCommerce and customer reports for access at any time. Slice and dice the data however you’d like to drill down into your business performance, or take it offline with our handy export tool - supporting Excel, PDF and CSV formats.


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